Engine manufacturers

The LPF Group is a historic partner of Snecma (Safran).



Our website at Savigny has an independent unit dedicated to the development and prototyping of engine parts. We are partners on the new LEAP and Silvercrest programs.


CFM56 5B CFM56 7B Turbine disc

The Group is working on many civil and military engine programs (GE, CFM, Snecma).
The LPF Group is one of the leaders on the Ø1200 max. small- and medium-size segment.

  • Turning of inconel and stainless steel parts from forged blanks.
  • Full control of special processes: electro-erosion, brasing, abradable deposit, thermal treatment.
  • Development of forged and cast blanks providing savings in machining costs while complying with customer technical requirements.


CFM56 5B CFM56 7B Turbine disc

Assembly of engine modules : wheels on turbine shafts, bearings, turbine housings... Programs : Sivercrest, GE90, CFM56, GP7000, Leap...



We manufacture spare parts for engine programmes that are no longer in series production, notably in the military field. We draw on experienced suppliers with whom we requalify the processes.

  • Tailor made according to specific requirements,
  • Support and maintenance,
  • Follow-up and optimisation of mature production items,
  • Control and archiving of technical publications.